The Cocoa Box – Cupcake decorating class

I bought this cupcake class as a present for my mum and I for Christmas last year. We only just got round to actually doing it but it was well worth the wait! The class is run by a company called The Cocoa Box and was held at the Thistle Barbican hotel in London.
The first part of the class was a hands on demonstration on how to create pretty bows, roses and cupcakes from sugar paste  You also learnt different ways of applying fondant, butter cream and frosting icing to cakes, using cutlery and piping bags. In the remaining time you were free to decorate your cupcakes as you wished.
Here are my cupcakes:


Different ways to pipe with a star shaped nozzle:
Rose                                                  Spiral
908814_10151634204404175_484301958_n 908327_10151634207539175_35495463_n

909000_10151634215484175_1069618910_n 909343_10151634023194175_905227651_n 909339_10151634207739175_1143379818_n 909070_10151634198704175_1709980384_n 908651_10151634201939175_1352292130_n 908400_10151634275124175_858270314_n

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